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SHE Safari Shirt, made for Women

FOR WOMEN ONLY! Chic Safari and Travel Wear, by SHE Safari
More items will be added everyday!

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Frequently Asked Questions: shopping

General Questions

Q. Where are your sale items?
A. Our Specials section offers great savings on our top-quality apparel and gear. As Richard travels the globe, he runs across one-time unique products with limited availability - so he passes these products on to you. We often offer free shipping, buy-one-get-one-free promotions, and price reductions on many of our popular products. Be sure to visit often for the widest selection and best deals.

Q. How do I find what products you've added recently to the site?
A. Our What's New section lists all of our recent additions to our product line. Visit us often as we grow.

Q. What size should I order?
A. For help finding the right size, refer to our sizing guides for:

If you're still unsure, please contact us. We'll be glad to help you find the right size.

Browser/Software Settings

Q. Which web browser should I use to view your site?
A. We recommend you use version 4.0 or higher of either Netscape Communicator (aka Navigator) or Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you have a previous version of one of these browsers, you can download a free copy of the latest version at Netscape's or Microsoft's Web site.

Q.Your Web pages are wider than my computer screen. How can I see the full width of the pages without scrolling left to right?
A.Try setting your monitor to a resolution of 800 x 600 or higher (832 x 624, 1024 x 768, etc.). To change monitor settings...

    • Windows users, go to Start menu << Settings << Control Panel << Display
    • Mac users, go to Apple menu << Control Panels << Monitors (or Monitors & Sound)

Q.To order, does my browser need to be set to "accept cookies"?
A.Yes. Your browser has to be set to accept cookies before you can place an order at Walkabout.com. You can change the cookie setting in your browser's Preferences, usually found in the Edit menu. For more information about cookies and how we use them, see About Your Privacy.

Gift Certificates/Promotional Codes

Q. How do I redeem a Gift Certificate or Promotional Certificate online?
A. As you complete your order, we’ll ask you for this information as part of selecting your payment options.

Dealer Opportunities

Q. Can I become a dealer of Walkabout's products?
A. We welcome the opportunity to work with you in dealing our products at trade shows and shopping malls across the country. Learn more about our dealer opportunities or contact us to find out more.

Wholesale Orders

Q. Can I place wholesale orders?
A. Yes. We offer substantial discounts on wholesale orders. Contact us for wholesale pricing and ordering information.


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